Radio Concept Plan

$ 497.00

You've got something to say . . . AIR IT !

How can you make Radio work with your lifestyle, and your business or organization's mission? In 2 hours, you will have the answer!

In the Radio Concept Plan, the Concept Designer will work with you to determine:

  • the NAME of your Radio Show,
  • the best TIME for your Show to air,
  • the STRUCTURE of your Show, and
  • the MISSION of your show. 

Most important: You will discover how your Radio Show will create income, and leverage opportunities for you. The Radio Concept Plan will fit YOUR personal and business purpose.

At the end of the session, you will have a full plan, to launch and maintain your Radio Show with a network. 

Your investment of $497.00 for the Radio Concept Plan is credited toward your RADIO experience, if you decide to commit to airing on Perfect World Network Radio 

Contact Us for your radio concept plan 

Your Concept Plan Includes a FREE Apple Lap Top Computer downloaded with your Radio Concept.  

Join our team and all  forms needed  to begin your radio experience with will also be uploaded for you.


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