Concept Plan

$ 497.00

In one afternoon, you and Patsy Anderson will look at everything you are doing: your work, your family, your hobbies, your interests, what's working, what's not. What were you passionate about, as a child? How has that evolved over time? Who inspired you? 

We rediscover all the things you LOVE . . . things you might have forgotten in the midst of all the challenges you've faced throughout your life. 

Out of that, we will discover that you have a Concept for a Business. 

You may think you are doing a dozen different things. In reality, you have Products within the Concept. Then we discover how to tailor those products to the needs of your audience -- and how to structure a price for each one. 

When you know your Concept, you will Speak Your Purpose. You will have a Message that is uniquely YOU, and you will be able to deliver it as only you can. Nobody else will be able to copy you -- nor will you be a clone of anyone else. 

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