We Host Year-Round Expos, Conferences, Workshops, and Networking


The Maryland Women’s Expo

Our flagship event, held every year is both a showcase of women-oriented businesses, and a power-conference featuring nationally known speakers, teaching YOU the latest, leading-edge strategies in collaboration and technology, all can be incorporated to fit your business, whatever its size.


The Six-Figure Woman Workshop

Get the Figure you’ve always wanted — Six Figures. Even if your business is currently making only a few hundred dollars a month, you can get to $10,000 a month within one year — equaling $120,000 annually. And you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to do it, or knock yourself out trying to find new prospects. The Six-Figure Woman Workshop teaches you how to package the skill set and products you already have, to meet the needs of contacts you already have.


Radio Workshop

Ever wanted to promote your business on the radio, but thought it was too expensive? Not any more. Harness the REAL power of radio by hosting your own show. The Radio Workshop teaches you how to deliver rich, inspiring content, interview fascinating people, and get other advertisers to sponsor your show.

All Workshops are available as Webinars, Conference Calls, or Live Events