Mid Atlantic Dog Expo & Festival - MD Women's Expo

$ 55.00

MAY 11TH, 2019.  11AM TO 6PM - Call 410-977-2898 with any questions!

One of a kind event, bringing together dog lovers and businesses who not only cater to dogs but businesses owned by dog lovers. Created by a small business for small business, with quality exhibitors supported by, award winning promoter Patsee Anderson.  The show will host over 200 exhibits with 160 registered to date. 

Predicted to be one of Baltimores largest Dog Expos.  

A huge show with endless possibilities.

The MD Womens Expo is proud to Mentor up and coming local young Promoters

The Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo is May11th 2019 in Patterson Park, a park in southwest Baltimore. The expo opens at 11AM and closes at 6PM   FREE to the PUBLIC

A Message from the Event Promoter : Rachael Evans - Local 30 year old Promoter

I have always been passionate about dogs, but after owning a bully breed and learning first hand how loving they are, yet experiencing prejudice because of their reputation I knew I wanted to do something to help. I wanted a platform to speak out, to change minds, and to save lives. I am motivated by my message and with this expo I wanted to bring together groups of people passionate about their own messages. I wanted to surround myself with world changers because we need to support each other, even when our issues differ. Everyone has a message, a desire to change something that feeds their soul. I designed this expo to give voice to my soul, my motivation, these dogs. I wanted to be heard and to listen.

About the Park:

A pivotal War site in 1812 Patterson Park was later Baltimore’s first Park. Originally 6 acres donated by William Patterson as a walking path has become the 134 acre park we love today. The Mid-Atlantic Dog expo will be held on the corner of Eastern and Pratt, next to our wonderful dog park and General Pulaski Monument.


Mid-Atlantic Dog Expo
Patterson Park
Baltimore, MD 21224, USA


                                            EXHIBITOR DETAILS

SPACE - 10x10 physical space

TENT, TABLE, CHAIRS - provided by exhibitor

TABLE CLOTH -   Mandatory Coverage on all 4 Sides ( To the ground)

ORDER A TABLE CLOTH - $25 .00. Visit www.WomensExpoForum.com 

If a table cloth is not appropriate the exhibitor will be required to purchase a proper table covering at the event. No exceptions. 


BANNER.  $150.00 - 4X3  Your Logo.  (Multi Banner Discount Available)


Sponsored by the MD Womens Expo

March 8th and 9th     Networking Meet and Greet

April 25th -   Site Visit - at Patterson Park.   4pm, 5pm and 6pm.  On the Hour.

                     Followed by a Happy Hour. Location TBA