What IS Your Concept?

You have ideas for products and services . . . but who are they actually FOR? What's the bigger theme that links them? How do your offerings make the world a better place, and put money in your pocket too?

Identifying this . . . is your Concept.

Your Net Worth is right inside your Network. That is where we are going to discover where your money is. 

When you spend an afternoon with Patsy Anderson for your Concept Plan, you will take away an overall blueprint for how your business is going to make money and reach your audience.

Now, you could take that Concept Plan and "run with it." You could say, "OK, I've got this."

But most people need help to break it down into smaller, action-able chunks. What are you going to actually DO, on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, so you reach your income goals?

That, my friend, is your Concept DESIGN.

Over the course of one year, Patsy Anderson will coach you on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Together, you will identify specific Action Steps for your business -- and then implement them, adjust them as needed, and document them all the way. 

It's like a Business Plan on rocket fuel!

Look forward to looking back: Can you imagine how far you have come?

When you buy a Concept Plan, and then decide to move forward with the Concept Design, your fee for the Plan is credited toward the Design. 

A payment plan is available.