Welcome to the Women's Expo Forum!

Think the "Women's Expo" just happens once a year?

Think Again!

How are we a Forum? What IS a Forum anyway? 

The dictionary defines a Forum as: 

  1. The marketplace or public place of a city, forming the center of public business
  2. A public meeting place for open discussion, or lecture involving audience discussion
  3. A program (as on radio or television) involving discussion of a problem usually by several authorities

#1, for us, is expressed through the annual Women's Expo, and other showcases and networking opportunities throughout the year.

#2, takes the form of our many interactive workshops and conferences, such as The Six-Figure Woman.

#3, you can hear every day, through the programs airing on Perfect World Network Radio and Team Radio One.

Finally, our unique, custom Concept Design for YOUR business takes you right back to success in #1! 

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