Welcome to the Women’s Expo Forum


Think the “Women’s Expo” just happens once a year?

Think Again.


How are we a Forum? What IS a Forum anyway?

The dictionary defines a Forum as:

  1. The marketplace or public place of a city, forming the center of public business
  2. A public meeting place for open discussion, or lecture involving audience discussion
  3. A program (as on radio or television) involving discussion of a problem usually by several authorities
  4. Finally, our unique, custom Concept Design for YOUR business takes you right back to success in #1.

Womens Expo MD

#1 for us is expressed through the annual Women’s Expo, other showcases and networking opportunities throughout the year.



#2 takes the form of our many interactive workshops and conferences, such as The Six-Figure Woman.

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#3 you can hear every day, through the programs airing on Team Radio Baltimore.

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